203K Loan

FHA 203K Loans

ONE loan, ONE closing with YOUR renovations, improvements and upgrades financed into ONE easy FHA mortgage. With 3.5% down, credit scores from 620+ and the flexibility of FHA financing; the 203K loan is BUILT to take advantage of the foreclosure market!

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HomeStyle Renovation

The Homestyle Renovation is the more refined sister of the 203K loan. With almost no restrictions on repair scope, higher loan limits, expanded occupancy (2nd homes & investors allowed) make the Homestyle a great option!

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Florida Homestyle Renovation

Renovation Loan OPTIONS

Looking for a RENOVATION LENDER? Why limit yourself to a lender with limited renovation loan options? If you want the right loan for your unique situation then you need a renovation lender with ALL of the financing options on the market. We ARE that lender!

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Green Renovation Loans


Savvy buyers are realizing the potential for RENOVATION LOANS to be used to go make their new purchases or current homes ENERGY EFFICIENT Using the 203K or Homestyle to GO GREEN can save thousands in annual energy bills!.

Atlanta Homestyle Renovation Lender

Create Outdoor Spaces!

In the South we have beautiful Spring & Fall seasons that are perfect for outside spaces. With the Homestyle Renovation creating an outdoor space that is the envy of friends & family is easy. Outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, garden - you name it & you got it!

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Can't find a lender who can give you RENOVATION LOAN answers? We have those answers & years of expertise. Get started now!

203K Loans | HomePath | HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage Loans

Purchase and refinance, 203k and HomeStyle renovation mortgages provide solutions that traditional mortgage loans don’t offer.

Flexible, versatile mortgage solutions that are perfect for the 2012 real estate market. Our 203K & Homestyle loans are not just foreclosure purchase loans.

Renovation loans are ideal for the foreclosure market for sure, but that is only one of the many ways renovation financing can be used. Creative thinking, combined with an experienced 203K lender, can create opportunities in a lot of situations.

HomeStyle | 203K Loans – How Can I Use Renovation Mortgages?

This list is not comprehensive, it represents SOME of the ways our customers use renovation loans. If you have a unique scenario not listed, contact us and let’s talk it out.

  • Purchase & Renovate Foreclosures – Some foreclosures REQUIRE a renovation loan to be eligible for financing, others just need some updates. 203k loans allow buyers access to homes that would normally need a cash offer. HomeStyle loans allow higher loan limits and, unlike FHA 203K, allow buyers to avoid MI with 20% down. Perfect for Atlanta & Florida buyers looking in high-end neighborhoods.
  • Right Neighborhood, Wrong House – Maybe it’s the school district, maybe it’s the distance to work or the proximity to nightlife, there are many reasons people want to live in a certain neighborhood. You just can’t find the house you want. Why not CREATE the house you want with a 203K or Homestyle loan? We CAN do that!
  • Go Green! – If you are purchasing an older home then chances are your new home is not energy efficient. Savvy home-buyers are using renovation mortgage loans to finance new EnergyStar appliances, low flow plumbing, efficient tank-less water heaters,  new energy saving AC & HVAC systems and other green renovations.
  • I Love My House, but I Need More Space! – People are people. They get married, have kids, occasionally have parents that need care or even a misfit sibling that needs a room. There are lots of reason that we outgrow our current home. The old logic says you need to move, but smart homeowners understand that a Homestyle refinance may be a better option.
  • Handicap Accessibility Renovations – Life happens. Sometimes our needs change and our home needs to change with it. 203K and Homestyle loans can help you finance handicap accessibility improvements.

Those are just a few of the ways our customers use our rehab loan products. We have 100+ more ways to make renovation loans work for you,

HomeStyle Renovation | 203K Loan – Process & Guidelines

ONE loan, ONE closing, flexible credit guidelines, financed renovations and low down payment – that describes our renovation loan products.

Contact us, get more info, get a 203K loan pre-approval or get moving on a renovation refinance.

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